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Hi guys!

We’ve been busy beavers at Kisses That Count global HQ, getting this huge site ready for you to use; so we’d love to hear your news & views! Tell us what you think, share any great ideas you have & let us know if something could be improved.

We love websites where you can reach a real person – at KTC we want to keep things real, friendly, accountable & personal. So we promise to get back to you personally (please be patient, as our mailbox can be quite full!)

Tell us if you’re the first to send a Kiss from a country, or receive a Kiss in a country. We love ‘firsts’ of all kinds & like to feature really unusual Kisses on our ‘News’ page. We’re looking for the most remote Kiss ever sent, to tell the Press about: will it be from you? Let us know!

Dodgy Kisses
As new Kisses are added to our Galleries, we check them. During really busy times the odd dodgy one might slip by - please let us know if you find a Kiss that is offensive. This site is about love and positive change and Kisses should reflect this.

Please write! And thanks for sending Kisses and making the world a better place,

Heather and Chloe

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